Stay in Touch with Yabo Sports

Yabo Sports agrees that all its patrons and every member of their player community is to be given top priority in all matters, and it is this ethos that ensures the Yabo Sport member remains free to contact any of the Customer Support agents at any time during their player journey, and to do so with the surety that their reason for contact will be given the utmost of importance.

When needing to get some general support, check out our Help Centre or get assistance from a Customer Support Team member. There are a number of outlets and portals available to patrons to make contact with the Support Team and one can get in touch via any one of the following methods:

  • Message us - we'll aim to respond within 24 hours.
  • Email - let us know what you need and email us here:
  • Post - Yabo Sports, 22A Castle Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2EZ

Do you have any complaints?

If you wish to lodge a complaint please contact us at: We try our very best to uphold the highest standards in fair and safe gaming and will aim to resolve your dispute through our escalation procedure.

In the event that a satisfactory result has not been reached during your complaint process, we do suggest you take up your compliant and escalate it to the Authority as mentioned below:

Given that Yabo Sports is operating under a UK Licensed gambling operator, this means that there is available to all Yabo Sport patrons a dispute resolution via an independent third party or ‘alternate dispute resolution’ (ADR) provider. All of the above remains in line with LCCP social responsibility (SR) code 6.1.1. We, at Yabo Sport, have appointed the Independent Betting Adjudication Services (IBAS) as our ADR accordingly. Please direct any unresolved complaints to them directly, at telephone number: +44 207 347 5883.

More information about IBAS can be found at